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Why choose Erik Jay for your fitness and nutrition goals? --  A personal weight loss experience of 150 pounds, mentoring from a leading authority and published author in Endocrinology, success in maintaining a fit and healthy body for years, a drive and passion for health that lead to formal education from World Instructor Training Schools (California State University, Dominguez Hills) for specialized fitness and American Academy of Sports Dietitians and Nutritionists for the most demanding of nutritional requirements. 


Dr. Karlis Ullis, four-time published author and leading authority in endocrinology and sports medicine served as doctor and mentor.  

His Review:

"Erik Jay takes into account a person's personal genetics, family history, eating habits, and life stresses. He manages the persons overall condition. Erik is not a gym trainer, but rather is a teacher. He allows the client to take care of themselves within a few months of their initial consult.

Erik guides as he teaches. He creates meal plans to coincide with particular movement regimens that have been developed .The meal plans also compliment the client's particular lifestyle.

Erik teaches the importance of metabolic health -- how to take control of health by nutritional balance, exercise and stress management. He teaches them to avoid the yo-yo weight loss pitfall (losing weight and gaining it back plus more). I have found the yo-yo weight issues to be eliminated through his unique specific phenotypic-nutrition which in turn creates a healthy metabolic profile of hormones. Which then allow a better body composition to occur more readily.

He shows clients how to shop via on-site shopping trips to the store. He shows clients the importance of eating "clean". He teaches younger women the importance of a higher fat consumption to avoid young female triathlete issues which is a major pitfall some women run into when dieting.

He doesn't endorse any particular diet. He endoreses common sense.

He shows them how to take care of themselves and not be subject to what is often seen such as eternal hand holding from trainers and health coaches.

All of this in the comfort of your home, so Erik travels to you or they can come to his studio in Palos Verdes."